I've spent all my working life in language education and training - as a teacher, book publisher, consultant, software developer and publisher, school principal, inspector, and Internet publisher. I started trading as EFL Services in 1988, and formed the company in 1990. It's now 30 years since we first started electronic publishing and the secret of success is the same today as it was then. It doesn't matter how much you post on Facebook, or how much you tweet, or how much you spend on SEO. It's all down to the functionality of the search mechanisms and the quality of the data. And to that I would add the freedom offered to users to research without being asked questions, or lobbied, or having banners stuck in their faces. It's also known as treating people with respect.

It still excites me that every day hundreds of students and agents use our sites on their way to pursuing a course which could be so important in their lives, and that we are instrumental in bringing so many students and institutions together.

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