Privacy Policy

International Education Connect Ltd, publishers of the "English in Britain" site and app at, the Colleges in Britain site at and the coursepricer® site and utility at, is committed to the protection of your privacy and to the security of data provided by users of the sites.

A. Site Registration Data

The data you provide on registration is stored on our secure UK server in order to enable you to log in and access your selection of schools and courses, and for no other purpose. We do not use the information to contact you, we do not solicit business from you, we do not sell or give this information to any third party. We do not engage in direct marketing or make any other use of your name or email address or any personal data that you provide. We do not store any other information than that which you freely provide.

The data you provide may be used by you only, and is held on our secure server only for a period of 12 months after which it is deleted. You may also request deletion of your data at any time.

B. Enquiry Data

The data you supply on school/college/quote forms at English in Britain ( or Colleges in Britain ( or CoursePricer ( is sent directly to the institutions you wish to contact. A copy of that form is also held on our secure UK server for backup and reference access exclusively by the selected institutions themselves. International Education Connect Ltd makes no use of that data for any purpose, neither does it give or sell or otherwise dispose of this data to any third party.

Data supplied on general enquiry forms at English in Britain ( or Colleges in Britain ( is made available to all or any college or school on the site. The form requires your agreement to this policy. The data is not used for any other purpose.